Site Move Update

Heh… I’m glad I monitor comments on this blog.  I got a rude one about my plan to consolidate my personal and business blogs.  Apparently, someone really didn’t like that idea – the quote was, ‘I don’t care about your personal crap. Business is business.’  Well… Ok then!  But that anonymous commenter is right – I probably shouldn’t consolidate.  It would make my life easier, but yeah, my personal blog is rarely scrap related.

BUT, I do have to move this to a different server – the address will remain the same, but the site will be down for a few days while the DNS propogates and I get everything redone.  Thanks for your patience!

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New Releases at MyMemories – April 9, 2014

It’s been a rough week for me – my grandmother passed away last week, and I’ll be writing some posts about that in the future, but I figured I’d go ahead and post these new releases right now while I’m still processing my thoughts. I actually uploaded these last week and they’ve been ready for a couple days, but I just haven’t had the time or inclination to actually post.
So, here goes:

First are some more of the -ama series of items – this is a batch of floral papers that came out of retired collabs, or were papers I made that just didn’t fit into any of my kits. However, I have found them completely useable in my personal layouts, so I packaged them up and they’re offered pretty cheap!

And a batch of stripes/plaids -

And some solids.

This little kit was previously available through a special MyMemories offering, but it’s now in the store for just $3.99.

This last bit looks like two different products, but it’s actually just one set of frames – there are 22 in the pack, same idea as the papers and flowers I packaged up in the past, and these are FUN! It’s just $1.99 and you get all the frames shown in both previews.

I hope you’ve seen something here you like, but if not, check back now and then and see if there’s something else that DOES grab your attention. :)

New Releases 3/20/14

Hi there! I’ve got some new releases in the store this week.

The first is a combination of a large number of flowers I’ve made over the years which don’t fit into any kit, but they’re completely usable, so I packaged them up!  The best part: It’s only 99 cents.

Flowerama by Brandi White Designs

Flowerama by Brandi White Designs

I also have another revamped kit for you this week.  The original version of this had some really garish colors and unusable elements, but I’ve fixed everything to be in-gamut, and flat-out removed the ugly parts.  What’s left is a smaller, better kit that’s just $2.99.  And an add-on, which is regularly 99 cents, but is FREE for Thursday and Friday, March 20-21.

Lucky Stars by Brandi White Designs

Lucky Stars by Brandi White Designs

Lucky Stars Add-On by Brandi White Designs

Lucky Stars Add-On by Brandi White Designs

Thanks for looking and I hope you see something you can’t live without! :)

Special Deal on my 2013 Collection!

If you haven’t purchased my 2013 Collection yet, I’ve got a special deal for you.  Head over to my personal shop and you can buy the bright bundle for just $5.00 – that’s a HUGE discount!

It includes all of these:

- 2013 Collection Solid Paper
- 2013 Collection Striped Paper
- 2013 Collection Cloud Paper
- 2013 Collection Dot Paper
- 2013 Collection Plaid Paper
- 2013 Collection Pattern Paper
- 2013 Collection It’s a Date
- 2013 Collection Metal Alphabet
- 2013 Collection Flowers

It doesn’t include the pastel papers or the journal cards. But those are only 99 cents each, if you want to add them on!